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Life is short...good opportunities don't come every day. For your family and for yourself, take care of this ASAP !






CLEARSLATE.com is your fast, efficient and affordable way to get your Texas criminal record cleared. 
We are specialists in Texas Expungement and NonDisclosure. Since late 2003 our clients report over 97% success using our GUARANTEED service.   Our FREE Qualifyer Interview asks a few simple questions to get  you started.   We harness Internet technology FOR YOU, the same technology that's been shooting you down at employment interviews, school admissions, housing opportunities and more.   Focused on HELPING you, we are able to provide a superior product at a great price.
Don't pay too much...
               Don't settle for less.

"I recently applied for a job, but the company would not hire me. They said it was because of my background check. "--------Ron, Plano

" I tried to get an Apartment at that nice new complex but the manager told me my application was not accepted because of my "criminal" record"-------- Kay, Houston

You were lucky...if you were told exactly why you were turned down. Many companies will give you a response like "we've decided to hold off hiring for now" or "we're really full right now, can we put you on our waiting list?"

QUALIFY-- register, login and answer a few questions...if you qualify, your case information is all we need to continue
CHOOSE-- the Services you need.. .ProSe - we provide you with Legal Pleadings and othessential support..all the way to FullService - one of our associate attorneys will represent you.
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ClearSlate.com is your fast, efficient and affordable way to get your Texas criminal record cleared.  In Texas there are two to approach CLEARING your record.  For those who accepted a sentence of Deferred Adjudication, we can often Seal your record with an Order of NonDisclosure.  If a person is arrested but not charged; if the case was dismissed or you were acquitted (not guilty) at trial, we can have those records destroyed through Expungement. Whether Misdemeanor or Felony, you can complete our simple process from your home computer, without the high cost or a long wait for legal documents. Our process can be completed in minutes...we provide you with a complete filing package including ready to sign legal documents, simple filing instructions, and telephone support to make certain you complete this process. You can't afford NOT to do this...... If you are ready to get started... Click Here!

Were you sentenced to deferred adjudication with community supervision?...if so, the record is public information often appearing as if it were a "conviction". That record shows on any basic background check for job interviews, apartment and loan applications and more. This is likely why "bad luck" follows after those "really good" job interviews and can also be devastating when applying for professional licenses, and some types of insurance.

Your attorney may have told you, "with a deferred adjudication sentence, after you complete your community supervision the case will be dismissed and there will be no criminal record." and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure does state that Deferred Adjudication, successfully completed, should "not be deemed a conviction for the purposes of disqualifications or disabilities imposed by law for conviction of an offense". Even so, these records are available to the public and will create many many problems for a person in today's competitive world.

The good news...the law now allows for Texas deferred adjudicates to get an “Order of Nondisclosure” which "Seals" the records. This order prohibits all criminal justice agencies and private agencies from disclosing any record of the incident to the public and frees you from EVER disclosing information about this incident again.

Follow up! .....most important, while the law says that records may no longer be disclosed to the public...there are many private databases that already have your record....like all these Internet background search agencies. There is some concern that those private database agencies will not purge their files. The first violation gets a warning, after that, each violation will be subject to a civil penalty of $500. We are setting aside 10% of our proceeds in a compliance fund to actively pursue those violators. We urge you to be a part of our ongoing effort to prosecute violators of this law...report any violations to us and to the court.

Legal Advice

CLEARSLATE and it's employees cannot provide legal advice. The information and explanations provided by CLEARSLATE regarding Deferred Adjudication, Expungement or any other other legal issue are general in nature and educational in intent, not legal advice. CLEARSLATE is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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Texas court filing fees and other handling charges are in addition to the cost of ClearSlate.com. Please check with your County or District Court Clerk for feee applicable to filing your case.

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